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Target your customers right in their heart by giving them an impeccable app experience during moments they are already engaged. Instantly, without installation.

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Why Instant Apps?

The internet has changed and mobile has grown extremely hard in recent years. Thanks to the immersive and engaging apps people spend more time on their mobile phones compared to desktop and laptop usage. The app experience – the fast and beautiful user interface, smooth navigation, high performance and great capabilities – is what users love on their mobile phone.
But what if you, as a brand or business, don’t have an own app or what if your customer doesn’t have your app installed? You depend on your website, which often lacks user friendliness on a mobile phone.
So, how can you deliver a rich and immersive experience directly in the mobile browser that provides conversion and engagement?

Instant Apps by Milèstre

Instant Apps are a new way to consume apps. It lets users experience beautiful and immersive navigation, with smooth animation but without the friction of installing them on their device.
Users can open an Instant App with just the tap on a link and within a few seconds they interact with a mini-app that is targeted to their needs during moments they are already engaged, directly in the mobile browser.

With Instant Apps you make the user experience feel fast and snappy


An Instant App loads instantly, is optimized for every screen size and is designed to capture the complete attention of your audience


Instantly, without installation

You don’t have to download an Instant App, you will use it directly in the browser. It can be opened with just the tap on a link and users are able to share it instantly, via whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat (mobile only), Instagram, email, etc.


Fast and smooth UX

The web and mobile technologies evolve. We use cutting-edge technologies to create Instant Apps that feel like a native app, fast, smooth and with an impeccable user experience. It gives users an engaging way to explore your brand, product or service


SEO & analytics

Findable in every search engine, so it’s easy to reach that big audience you are used to with your website. With an Instant App you are just a tap away for over a billion users.


An app for each moment

Boost your ad, social or email campaign by replacing your landing pages with an Instant App. Or create interactive ways to bring your offline advertisement, product or service come to life on a smartphone using an Instant App plus NFC, QR-code or a short-link and sell it instantly.

Try it yourself?

Leave your name, email address and phone number and you will
receive a link to experience an Instant App yourself.

Use cases

The possibilities are endless. Here are some examples of how Instant Apps can be used. 
More examples coming soon!


Fashion - Showcase your products

New collection coming up? Make your offline communication interactive by using a snapcode, QR-code or short-link and give your customers an engaging way to explore your products (or brand, or service)

Real estate - Publish your houses

As a real estate agent you regularly publish new houses on Facebook? Over 90%* of the Facebook-users use Facebook on their smartphone. With an Instant App you drive conversions that encourages action. (*2017 statistics)

Restaurants - Get new customers

You have a new menu that you want to show to the world via Instagram or any other social-platform? It’s a good reason for consumers to book a table and taste those delicious new dishes!

Retail - The best service

Does a customer have trouble assembling your product? Send him a text with the digital user manual (and yes, you can add video).

How to get started?

After sending us your content we will create and develop your Instant App and share it with you with just one simple link.

  • 1) Send us
    your content
  • 2) Create your 
    Instant App 
  • 3) Develop your 
    Instant App
  • 4) You share the Instant
    App with one simple link
    on any platform you want

Higher conversion & brand-engagement

With Instant apps you target your customers right in the heart during those critical mobile micro-moments.


Are you ready to deliver your content in a rich and immersive experience that will convert users into customers?

Give us a call or send us a message. We endeavor to answer all questions within 24 hours.

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